About us

SunnyCompany has been created for all, who love active rest and traveling with children. First of all, traveling with children!

It was created similar to other "inventions" out of an ordinary need.

We know that the internet is a mine of information on every subject, including interesting places, travel, games, etc. But how to find them and how to distinguish the useful from complete nonsense?

The truth is that when it comes down to it, it appears that the missing part, which would focus on traveling with children (or we did not find it ..., or about the same thing).

And if not, then you need to create it!

And here we are!

We will find SunnyCompany descriptions of the various interesting places in Poland and Europe. Contained in our database are: delfinaria, amusement parks, playgrounds, rope parks, museums, natural attractions and many others children-friendly attractions, where, at the same time, adults can have a lot of fun as well. At the moment there are not many, but we will keep it updated.

What is important for you: we are in no way affiliated with any of the attractions or travel agency.

All information contained in this website is based solely on our personal experiences, website content of individual attractions and guides. We hope that with time, SunnyCompany will be based mainly on real experience reports of real parents, so... we're encouraging you to create new entries.

You may prefer to use the knowledge contained on this site, but you can also help other parents by sharing your experiences, photos, videos, and good advice!

Have a nice trip from SunnyCompany!