Terms of Use

Terms of Use of www.sunnycompany.com

To use the web site www.sunnycompany.com and obtaining services by electronic means is that you read and accept the contents of these Regulations.If you do not accept the principles contained Regulations, you should discontinue using the Site immediately.

Chapter I


Concepts used in these Regulations means:

Attraction - a place, location and object in Europe or elsewhere described in the Service;

Password - A combination of letters, digits and, to safeguard the User Account;

User Account - a Site service, by which every registered and logged in user on a voluntary basis can enter or modify their data, pictures, comments and other information related to the functioning of the Website;

Login - nickname choosen on the first registered on the Site;

SunnyLetter - the electronic newsletter of the Site;

Editorial Staff - a group of people responsible for the content contained on the Site (including photographs, videos, comments of Users), and their publication;

Site Editor - a person developing texts and preparing them for publication;

Terms of Use - this document defining the rules of use of the Service, including, in particular the rights and obligations of users;

Registration - voluntarily provision of their personal information such as name, e-mail;

Website - a web portal operated at the domain sunnycompany.com;  

Services - any benefit to the users;

Paid Services - services for which fees apply;

User Account - any person who has registered and has the ability to log, thus adding photos, videos and comments;

Site User - any person visiting the Website, which, by acceptance of the Terms of Use received access to services and the content of the Website;

Profile picture - a photograph, presented next to the login, which is a type of users' contact card for the account.

Chapter II

General Provisions

§ 1

These Regulations set forth rules for the use of the Service.

Use of the Service is free except for paid services, which are available only to persons with full legal capacity. The Owner reserves the right to unilaterally change the form, scope, or even temporarily suspend access to the Service.

All information contained on the Site does not constitute an offer within the meaning of civil law. It serves merely illustrative and informative purposes. Using the information contained in the Service is solely on a voluntary basis.

The actions of the Site User can not in any way impair the rights of third parties and may not be related to the posting of illegal content contratictory with the laws in force in the Republic of Poland. Usage of this the Website ma in no way violate generally applicable laws, rules of social intercourse and generally accepted social norms and mores, including the rules of netiquette (Internet use).

The Editorial staff reserves the right to remove content of the comments that are offensive, or in any way violate the law or the Terms of Use, or the personal interests of third parties.

Chapter III

Site content and services provided within the Site

§ 2 

The Website contains informative content about the individual activities for children and families (in particular: descriptions of attractions, photos, videos, contact details, maps, addresses, web pages), edited and published by both the editorial staff, and by the Registered Users.

The choice how content is described and presented is a subjective matter of the Site Editor. Third parties may have a different opinion on this matter.

Any descriptions of attractions, posted on the Site by the editorial staff are the result of personal experiences of the Website Editors, or have been written on the basis of literature sources, tourist guides, or specific web pages.

§ 3

In the Website the Editorial Staff provides certain free services, which include: providing appropriate server space in order to set up user accounts and posting data.

Publication of informational content about the specific activities (in particular: descriptions of attractions, photos, videos, contact details, maps, addresses, web pages).

Sending the SunnyLetter to any user who has subscribed to the specified e-mail address.

The creation of a social platform for information exchange for issues related to the Service.

Chapter IV

Technical conditions

§ 4

Technical conditions to be met in order to be fully able to use the Site and services provided within:

You should have a device (in particular: computer, mobile phone or other), allowing access to the Internet; the device must be equipped with a working current web browser. Registered users should have an email account;

Chapter V

User Accounts

§ 5

Rights of the Registred Users:

Each User has the right to register a user account and may have only one account. The creation of multiple accounts by one person is prohibitted;

A Registered User may after registering on the Site add new attractions, including descriptions, photos and videos, as well as rate them;

You have the right to ask the service operator to remove your account. After removal of an account it is not possible to restore it.

§ 6

Responsibilities of the Registered User:

In order to set up user accounts, each user must be registered;

Registration in the system requires: username, password, your name and email address;

Accounts not used for a period longer than 6 months since you last logged on may can be removed without prior notice;

In the event of a breach of the Terms of Use, the Account may be blocked or deleted;

Each newly created account is subject to activation, by receiving a message sent to the email address you and proceeding according to the instructions contained therein.The entity that owns the site will be alleged that the information and statements sent to the email address specified by you come from you, and that the acts committed by registered users logged into the Service by using a login and password has been made by you;

§ 7

Account registration process:

The process of registering in the website is made by filling out a form;

By registering on the Website you consent to the processing of collected data for marketing purposes, information, statistics and publications in the media. By registering on this Website you agree to publish pictures of your login and profile;

Establishment of Accounts does not require the user to provide data to provide personal information within the meaning of the Polish Act for the Protection of Personal Data from August 29, 1997.

Chapter VI

Adding Attractions

§ 8

Attractions may be published by the editorial staff or by Registered Users. Editorial staff reserves the right to add or remove Attractions for any reason.

§ 9

You can rate individual Attractions by own judgment (on a scale from 1 to 5 stars), but only on the condition that the Attraction has been checked by yourself personally. It is forbidden to rate the Attraction by employees of the company, which is the owner or administrator of that particular Attraction. Editorial staff reserves the right to intervene in the event of a suspected act incompatible with the principles of fair competition. In such suspicion the editorial staff has the right to block, or even delete the user account, which is suspected of illegal practices. Extreme Ratings containing only the lowest scores (1 star) or only the highest (5 stars), may be reviewed by the editorial staff and in case of inclusion of false information, the user account can be removed or suspended. Each user account has add only one vote for each attraction.

Chapter VII

Intellectual Property Protection

§ 10

The content of the Website is the exclusive property of the entity that owns the site www.sunnycompany.com if not stated otherwise. Use of any content contained in the Service (ie. descriptions of attractions, photos, videos, logos, graphics) without proper permission is a violation of the Criminal Code and the law on copyright. Copying and reproduction of information is possible only after written consent by the site owner of www.sunnycompany.com.

§ 11

The service includes material (including text, video, photos), which came from private sources, or was based on publicly available source content. In this case the editorial staff, ensuring compliance with copyright laws, is stating the source and the author (if his identity or a nickname is known).

Editorial staff also publishes articles submitted by their authors, and in such cases, copyright owners are solely the authors of those contributions. The Service does not claim any rights to them.

If you notice in this Website any content (photos, videos, graphics, text), which is protected by copyright, or infringes the copyrights of others, you're obliged to provide relevant information to service the Editor by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Chapter VIII


§ 12

The user of the Service, before taking any decision involving the use of the information contained in the Service is required to verify the correctness and updates of the information contained therein.

Editorial staff does not assume any liability for damages incurred by you in connection with erroneous or incomplete information contained in the Website. The Editor and the Operator of the site is not responsible for content posted by users. At the same time state that the content posted by Users does not represent the views and opinions of authors of the Webiste.

The Editor and Operator of the site are not responsible for the content of external links and video content embedded from third party websites (Youtube, Vimeo). The content presented on the pages to which the links lead, is the sole responsibility of their administrators.

You bear full and sole responsibility for breaking the law, or damage resulting from its activities on the Site, in particular for any false statements, violation of personal rights or the rights of copyright and neighboring rights.

The entity operating the site is not responsible for any damages (including arising from non-virus security), which was incurred by yourself, as a result of which there was a failure of a computer system.

Editorial staff is not responsible for any disruption in the functioning of the Service caused by force majeure, failure of equipment or unlawful interference of users. Editorial staff is not responsible for temporary interruptions in access to the whole of the Service, or some of its functions, caused by making changes in the system or technical problems

Chapter IX


§ 13

All complaints related to the functioning of the Service, you can report to the administrator by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The burden of proving improper performance of services charged to the user. Complaints will be dealt with by the Owner not later than 14 days from the date of filing the complaint, with the same user application must be made within 7 days from the date of the occurrence that is the subject of the complaint.

In the event of a failure of the Service or the Account, the operator site reserves the right to intervene in the technical structure of the accounts, to resolve the issues.

Chapter IX

Final Provisions

§ 14

All comments and reports of violations of these Terms of Use shall be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The entity operating the site reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at any time. Changes will be published on an ongoing basis as a unified text of the Regulations on the Site together with supporting information about their introduction.

Amendment of these Rules shall enter into force upon publication of a new version of the Terms of Use on the Site.

Current Terms of Use content is available on the www.sunnycompany.com website.