Well of a Bamberg womand

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The Well of a Bamberg woman, or Bamberka, as the inhabitants of Poznań commonly call her, is located on Old Market Square at the western wall of the Town Hall.

The figure shows a woman in a distinctive outfit from Bamberg, with a sling and cans used in winemaking. It commemorates farmers from the area of ​​Bamberg in Bavaria, arrived in Poznan at the beginning of the eighteenth century, who had to settle villages around Poznan , depopulated by wars and pestilence.

The pool of the well, where the water flowed in two streams, was meant as a drinker for horses, but the inhabitants of the city benefited from it as well. Besides, there were also two small drinking bowls for dogs and a plaque with the name of the founder, the Poznan merchant and vintner Leopold Goldenring.

The Bamberka was founded in 1915 by the well-known wine trade Goldenring family. The figure was made ​​by the Berlin sculptor Joseph Wackerle, and the model was Jadwiga Gadymska, an employee of the founders' family.

Bamberka is an indispensable element of Poznan. Even today, her typical costume of Poznan accompanies women during religious ceremonies and other events organized in the city, such as the Feast of St. Martin's Street.

Well of a Bamberg womand

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Stary Rynek 2 , 61-772 Poznań



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