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The playground on Barcelonska street is one of the newest and best playgrounds in Warsaw. Located in a quite inconspicuous area, between buildings away from the street.

The whole area is very large, fully fenced and divided into different zones. On one side there is a section for the active with a big basketball pitch, additionally a tennis court and table tennis. The fields are professionally prepared, separated from the playground area by a high mounted grid, which prevents the ball to fly over to the square, where the small children play.

The other side is occupied by various play equipment. There are mini climbing walls, swings, giant structures with climbing webs joined together into one giant structure. It is rather an attraction for older children though. For the slightly younger probably one of the longest obstacles tracks has been prepared in the form of houses and pipes to pass, climbing ropes similar to those that are found in high rope courses, ramps and slides.

There is also fitness equipment such as balance beams or other ones, where you can go hanging on your hands or a trampoline.

An unique thing is a swing for physically disabled children which are moving on wheelchairs.

Around the square quite a few benches to sit on have been placed, but hopefully there will be more.

It is a paradise for children, where they can let off some energy at will. Currently the playground is not quite finished, still some finishing jobs are going on here, but hopefully the next stage of the construction process will include a zone for the smallest children, because currently the main attraction for them is the big sandpit.

Barcelonska Playgrounds

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ul. Barcelońska 9, Warszawa


Additional information:

- just next to the playground there is a parking lot. During the week, up till midday there is usually no trouble with finding a free spot, a bit worse in the afternoon, so try to find a place to park a little further


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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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