Białowieża National Park

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The Bialowieza National Park is usually associated with the European bison, but not everyone knows that this is the world's largest herd living in the wild. In the park can also meet various other rare species of plants and animals.

Families with children should be sure to visit the Bison Reserve.

The reserve is located a few kilometers from Bialowieza, on the left side of the road from Hajnowka to Bialowieza. Following the signs with a picture of a bison you'll certainly find this place.

Near the entrance to the reserve there are many souvenir stalls. Here you can buy not only souvenirs, but some food products as well (eg. delicious honey from Podlasie).

Animals in the reserve are held in conditions close to natural, in large pens covered with natural vegetation. Besides the bison there are other animals here as well: deers, elks, wild boars, wolves and lynx. You will see the Polish pony (tarpan) and żubroń (a hybrid of bison with domestic cattle).

For the tour of the reserve syou hould allocate a minimum of 1 hour.

Bialowieza National Park can be visited on foot, by bicycle (to the area under strict protection within the Orłówka Reserve, the entry on bikes is possible only with the permission of the Director of the Park, on payment of a fee), horse - drawn carriage, sleigh or horseback (with the permission of the Director of the Park, after appropriate fee is paid).

In the park there is also the Museum of Natural Forests.
The permanent exhibition in the museum can be visited individually and in groups, with a guide holding a license issued by the Director of the BNP, with BNP employees or by using the audio-guide (Polish, English, German and Russian). The length of the visit to the permanent exhibition is about one hour.

Bialowieza National Park is the only Polish natural object placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Białowieża National Park

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Park Pałacowy 11, 17-230 Białowieża

Opening days and hours:

The Bison Reserve, from 15. Apr to 15. Oct open daily from 9:00 to 17:00. Out of season from Tuesday to Sunday from 8:00 to 16:00a

Tickets adults:
Visiting the BNP is free. The fee for the Bison Reserve is 6 PLN.
Tickets children:
Visiting the BNP is free. The fee for the Bison Reserve is 3 PLN.

Additional information:

The park can be visited without a guide as well.

In the Bison Reserve you can use bikes (for an additional fee of 3 PLN).

Animals in the reserve can be photographed after the payment of 5 PLN for a normal ticket, 2.5 PLN to discounted tickets, photographs and school children are free of charge.


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