Countryside Museum of Bialystok

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Recommended for children from the following age groups:
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  • 12-16

In the local open air museum you can see antique wooden architecture of Podlasie countryside, including more than thirty buildings and shrines, crosses, wells, beehives, etc.

The museum is divided into three parts: the forest, mansion and the nobility hamlet.

Here you can see the forester, gamekeeper enclosure characteristic for this region Szeregówka and granary, barn and livestock building and forge and a windmill. The largest and also the oldest building in the museum is the mansion from Bobra Wielka near Nowy Dwór, counting about 200 years.

In the hamlet of nobility you can see the different types of residential buildings - from the unicameral "threefold" up to the big mansion, with two chambers, two alcoves referred to as the "double house".

In the museum there are also a fire station buildings and a water mill. In addition, you can see collections of tools related to hunting, fishing, farming, and to grain processing. The Museum hosts also carpentry, blacksmith and other tools.

Visitors can also view the exhibitions organized at the museum's grounds.

Countryside Museum of Bialystok

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Białostockie Muzeum Wsi ul. Nadawki 21C, 16-010 Wasilków

Opening days and hours:

everyday from 9:00 to 16:00 (during summer - open longer)

Tickets adults:
walking ticket: 2 PLN, normal ticket 10 PLN
Tickets children:

Family ticket (max 5 persons) - 25 PLN


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+48 85 743 60 82


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