Biebrza National Park

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Biebrza National Park is the largest national park in Poland, stretching from Biebrza's sources to the estuary of the river Narew.

Extensive swamps, marshes and bogs are located here, and thus on the site you can see the birds typical for this type of landscape. Those include quite rare, such as the battalion, which is a symbol of the park, cranes, terns and owls.

A lot of rare plants can be found here as well. Some of them are threatened with extinction, such as eg. Fritillaria meleagris, violet and iris leafless peat.

The pride of the valley are orchids (20 different species) as well as sundews and yokes. Among the forest communities are alder, birch and riverine forests, hosting rare low birch and Lapland willows.
In the waters of the Biebrza you can discover about 36 species of fish such as catfish, pike and eels.

The valley is inhabited with many species of mammals - such as stoats, otters, badgers, raccoon dogs, or wolves. Park is famous for the largest elk population in Poland (about 650), and beavers, from gave the river Biebrza its name.

Tourists can enjoy a choice of nature trails: around 600 km of hiking trails for various purposes:

canoe trails (rivers: Biebrza, Sidra, Jegrznia, Brzozówka, Wissa and channels: Augustow, Woźnawiejski and Rudzki) with a total length of 223.2 km;
bike trails;
hiking trails
educational paths
horse trail
At a few of them observation towers, platforms and walkways were built, placed to help to move in muddy terrain; at the train station of Osowiec, there's the Regional Education Centre equipped with towers, observation decks, walkways and signage.

Biebrza National Park

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Biebrzański Park Narodowy, Osowiec-Twierdza 8, 19-110 Goniądz

Opening days and hours:

from 20 April to 10 September every day: 8.00 - 17.00

Tickets adults:
Tickets children:
2,50 PLN. Children under 7 - free of charge.


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