Bolko Island

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Bolko Island on the Odra River Island is one of the most interesting green areas in Opole.

There is a Zoological Garden, a picturesque park with ponds and canals, a restaurant and observation decks and a lot of pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Among the lush greenery of a few old specimens of trees such as oak, beech and hornbeam - including the 400-year-old oak called the Piast oak with a circumference of 410 cm. You can find here also animals such as wild birds and deer, and majestic swans floating on the pond.

Regular events are being organized here, such as thematic lectures, yoga and tai-chi classes.

The island can be reached by a pedestrian bridge over the Oder (from Pasieka Island), by the bridge on the Ulga Canal (from Wójtowa Wieś) or Parkowa street running along the canal embankments. Formally the Island is part of the Nowa Wieś Królewska (reflecting pre-war name of district), while the southern end is located outside the administrative boundaries of the city of Opole.

Bolko Island

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