Bukowina Thermal Pools

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Bukowina Tatrzańska

aquapark / pool

Recommended for children from the following age groups:
  • 0-3
  • 3-7
  • 7-12
  • 12-16

The thermal baths in Bukowina are an entertainment center for the whole family. The facilities include 12 swimming pools: 6 internal and 6 external. Indoor pools are: "Smart pipe" pool with a depth of 40 cm and 70 cm and a water temperature of 30-36°C. "Mocydełko" - pool with a water slide in the shape of an elephant for kids with warm water and a depth of 40 cm. "Zostawnica" with the depth of 1.3 m and water temp. around 30-36°C. "Bonior bass" is a recreational pool, the depth of water is 1.35 and "Bulgotnik" is a hydrotherapy pool, its depth is 1.3 m.

The park also has outdoor pools, such as "Blue Valley" - a leisure pool bath, depth is 1.3 m "Cepersko Plan" - swimming pool for good swimmers, with the depth of 1.5 m "Cave of Poroniec - rock grotto, and an outdoor swimming pool with a depth of 1.3 m called "Corny pond" - a leisure pool with slides with 1.2 m in depth. The "Zostawnica" outdoor swimming pool has a depth of 1.3 m. The water temperature in the swimming pools remains between 28-36°C.

Bukowina Thermal Pools

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ul. Sportowa 22, 34-530 Bukowina Tatrzańska, Polska

Opening days and hours:

Monday - Sunday 9:00-22:00

Tickets adults:
from 54 PLN
Tickets children:
from 30 PLN


Additional information:

family ticket (2+2, 2+3) 20 PLN, a guide additional 1 PLN for each ticket


+48 18 20 200 70


sunnycompany.com; www.termabukowina.pl/baseny-termalne

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Saturday, 03 January 2015

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