Castle and park in Pszczyna

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The palace in Pszczyna (Pless), for historical reasons called castle is a real gem in the region of Silesia. You can spend a whole day here completely without getting bored and each participant of the expedition should find something for himself.

If someone is completely insensitive to the beauty of architecture, you can spend the day in a really large castle park or visit largest Polish mammals in a nearby bison yard.

The palace itself, although passed from hand to hand in the history, is considered one of the best preserved in Poland, not only because of the external condition, but also due to the completeness of the equipment. It is not difficult to note while exploring the interiors that the princes von Hochberg were big fans of hunting - the number of antlers which can be seen here is really impressive... Young explorers might be stimulated by the existence of secret passages in the castle, the fact that repeatedly the Emperor of Germany was present here, and by the relatively recent armory , located in the basement (presenting an overview of weapons from the seventeenth to the early nineteenth century, and even such rarities as modern samurai armor) . Be sure to also see the famous mirror hall, which once served as a dining room, and is now a concert hall. You will see here the largest mirrors in Europe (each with an area of ​​over 14 square meters).

A separate exhibition in the palace is a presentation of photographs of the famous Princess Daisy Hochberg von Pless, who has become a kind patron of the city. Her sculpture on the bench recently adorned the nearby old town square.

Castle park itself is a great attraction - it is really huge. You can walk, ride a bike, or lazily lounge on a blanket somewhere in the green. And children can chase each other on numerous bridges or feed squirrels that occur here in large quantities (therefore, be equipped with a sufficient supply of nuts).

New in the castle area are the restored stables - for now empty, but they are still impressive (especially the tack room).

Castle and park in Pszczyna

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Brama Wybrańców 1, 43-200 Pszczyna

Opening days and hours:

9-16 (depending on the month)

Tickets adults:
14.50 PLN
Tickets children:
8.50 PLN

42 PLN (children and children up to 16)

Additional information:

It's worth to visit the castle on Monday - free entry!


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