Chęciny Castle

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Chęciny Royal Castle is one of the most famous landmarks of the świętokrzyskie province. It originates from the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and was built during the reign of King Wladislaw Lokietek (Ladislaus the Short). Here among others Knight runs took pace, and during the war with the Teutonic Order the castle was a refuge for the treasury of Gniezno.

During the reign of Casimir the Great, the castle was expanded and become an impregnable fortress over two centuries.

The castle is divided into two parts: the main castle with two stone towers and the lower castle providing economic functions.

The rebuilt tower has been made available to tourists as a vantage point, it is worth to climb the stairs to its peak to admire the wonderful panorama. On clear days from the tower of the castle you can apparently see even the tops of the Tatra Mountains.

In the castle tournaments, picnics, and many other events are being organized.

Good to know:

  • The Chęciny stronghold has a new attraction - the White Lady - a figure of Queen Bona, who is trailing in a white dress and a torch in her hand during the night on the walls of the castle;
  • near the castle there's the yellow trail from Wierna Rzeka to Chęciny;
  • in the vicinity of the castle at the end of the 60s big battle scenes for the movie "Pan Wolodyjowski" were shot. An attraction was a film decoration, built east of the castle - the mock of the castle in Kamenets Podolski;
  • in the middle of the castle courtyard there is a well hole, cut into the rock to a depth of 100 m, and its probably an underground passage to the church in Chęciny, used probably for communications during a siege. One legend says that the fort had a connection with the church in Kielce Tarczówka;
  • when entering the castle on a bit more difficult route, through the winding path leading on steeply rocks, you can supposedly clearly hear the tramp of horses' hoofs. This strange acoustic phenomenon is explained by local people by stories of knight riding on a black horse on the evenings;
  • one of the legends of the treasures left behind in the castle dungeon is related to Queen Bona leaving Chęciny in a hurry. She went to Italy in 1556, after thirty-eight years of stay in Poland, taking a lot of gold and silver jewels. Apparently at the weight of valuables the bridge on the Nida river collapsed .

Chęciny Castle

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Zamek Królewski w Chęcinach, pl. 2 Czerwca 4, 26-060 Chęciny

Opening days and hours:

March, April: 9:00-18:00; May - August: 9:00 - 19:00; September: 9:00-18:00

Tickets adults:
10 PLN
Tickets children:


Centrum Informacji Turystycznej +48 41 315 18 29


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