Cracow Chocolate Manufacture

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Cracow Chocolate Manufactory is definitely one of the sweetest places in Krakow. Located in one of the side streets, just next to the Market Square.

The large glazed window allows you to see young people working in the production of chocolates and the floating sweet smell prohibits you just to go past this place does without glancing inside. To get to the sales floor you need to go through a long hall with a glass pane on the left.

It is an interesting attraction, especially for the younger ones, as we are able to preview the process of creating chocolate figurines and various sweets. Right behind it there is a shop. Well, here we can expect a chocolate vertigo. The offer is large, there are chocolates sold by the piece, exclusive chocolates, chocolate figurines, beautiful chocolates and plenty of interesting chocolate bars.

The Manufacture includes also a cafe where you can sit quietly and talk while enjoying a chocolate drink, coffee or tea. Refreshing drinks, milkshakes, desserts and cakes are being offered.

Chocolate making workshops for both children and adults are being organized here. Classes are held in groups of up to 10 people. The program includes: a brief history of chocolate, hand-crafted truffles and pralines, chocolate bars painting and refreshments in the form of lemonade or cocoa (adults tea or coffee). After the sessions, participants receive a Dessert-maker diploma and they get sweets made ​​by themselves.

Cracow Chocolate Manufacture

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Szewska 7, 31-009 Kraków

Opening days and hours:

Open Monday to Sunday 10:00-22:00

Tickets adults:
free admission
Tickets children:
free admission


Additional information:

- Intensely sweet scent in the manufacture may slightly nauseate, particularly people sensitive to the smell, so you may want to come here before eating something bigger


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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

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