Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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Country: Slovakia Region:
Liptovsky Mikulas


Recommended for children from the following age groups:
  • 3-7
  • 7-12
  • 12-16

Demänovská Cave of Liberty is one of the most visited caves in Slovakia. Located about 13 km from the center of Liptovsky Mikulas, and just 90 km from the center of Zakopane, is the perfect choice for a day trip, especially during inclement weather, as it is really impressive.

The amount of stalactites and stalagmites is truly unique. You can see here underground karst lakes, underground Demänovka river and the huge chambers. Visitors have a choice of two trails. The first, shorter, with a length of 1150 m, where wandering lasts for about an hour, has 913 stairs and the second, longer, the length of 2150 m with 1118 steps to overcome and the passage will take about two hours.

The infrastructure which is located in Demänovská Cave of Liberty is really thought through. The tour is professionally prepared, the passage is completely lit, equipped with stairs and handrails and in one of the chambers, you can even listen to romantic music.

This cave is only a part of the whole system of underground tunnels located in the Demänovska Valley, the length of all caves is more than 80 km.

In the vicinity is there is also the Demänovska Ice Cave, which is also worth a visit.

There is a relatively low temperature in the cave all the time (about 6-7°C) and high humidity, and therefore when deciding to explore you need to remember to dress warmer. It is important to remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Demänovská Cave of Liberty

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031 01 Demänovská Dolina, Słowacja

Opening days and hours:

cave open to visitors from May 1st to August 31th

Tickets adults:
short tour 7 €, long tour 14 €
Tickets children:
applies to children 6-15 years - shorter route 3,5 €, longer 7 €


Additional information:

- The minimum number of people while exploring is 4 persons

- There is a shootin charge of 10 € (same for filming)

- the shorter tour takes place every day except Monday for a full hour, the first entry at 9:00, last at 16:00, the longer tour takes place every day except Mondays at fixed time - 13:15


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