Museum of Emigration in Gdynia

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Recommended for children from the following age groups:
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The name "Museum of Emigration" is very serious and some might just get discouraged, because it sounds like boredom. Do not give up so easily. Go there! This place is definitely not boring!

If we think about which museums in Gdynia are cool, this one definitely is one of them. The permanent exhibition at the museum talks in an interesting way about travel: close (only to a neighboring town) and far (accross the ocean). It tells a story about traveling by wagon, train, ship or plane. The journeys of people very rich and poor, on migration, which was a necessity, as in time of war or resettlement and of migration for bread, but not only.

The exhibition tells not only about places, but also about people, about Poles who were leaving at different times to different places in the world. So you find something about the times of the Great Emigration, the Spring of Nations, departures from the countryside to the cities, mass migrations to America "for bread", life in Africa or in the Brazilian jungle, the dramatic fate of Poles in Siberia, or during World War II, and then the fate of post-war Poles, years of People's Republic, emigration and recent history.
For each of these trips you'll see the story of one person or the whole family.

Amazingly prepared history of travel of a fictional Sikora family in the first wagon from Chmielnik to Rzeszow, and then further - it would end after many days in the United States. For example, we can find out what documents you needed for travellers, i.e. the shipcard and how a sea journey looked like for passengers 3rd class from the moment of embarkation, the oceanic cruise (on deck and below deck), then immigration procedures on the Ellis Island in New York.


Among the exhibits there are letters, documents, diaries, and photographs or personal items. Additionally there's a lot of multimedia. Tables have been prepared in two languages ​​(Polish and English) - and what is important: they are written in a very nice simple language understandable even for a primary school pupil.

However, the exhibition is designed more for slightly older children. The kids might get bored, but there is also something for them in the Litte Journeyman's Hall - the child should be under the care of adults, and you can't to eat or drink here. But for the hungry and thirsty there is quite a nice restaurant and a coffee shop.

Of course, as in any such places, there is a souvenir shop. Here you can stock up on books (mainly about travel), games, souvenir bags and other merchandise with the logo of the museum.

Sightseeing time: The lady at the cashier desk told us that approx. 1.5 hours is the normal duration of the visit. However, if you begin to read everything carefully, watching every table, it will be at least 3-4 hours. It is better to reserve more time!

To sum up: a nice building, great exhibition, beautifully arranged space. Additionally a model ship of the Batory and a great view of the rolling sea.

Museum of Emigration in Gdynia

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Muzeum Emigracji, ul. Polska 1, 81-339 Gdynia

Opening days and hours:

Monday: closed; Tuesday: 12:00-20:00; Wednesday-Sunday: 10:00-18:00;

Tickets adults:
10 PLN
Tickets children:
6 PLN. Children under 7 - free of charge.

Family pass (2 adults + children from 7-18years, max 6 persons): 25 PLN

Additional information:

Every Wednesday admission to the exhibition is free.

Free tickets must be picked up at the
museum's box office.


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+48 58 670 41 61


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Sunday, 30 April 2017

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