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The Euro Lider playroom is located in Ursynów, in the building of hypermarket Real, with a separate entrance.

Using the word "lider" (leader) should oblige. What is the truth? We decided to check it out.

To get to the playroom you need to overcome some stairs, and therefore if you have a pram, you should leave in in the car on the free parking lot located in front of the building. On the first floor, at the entrance there is a cloakroom and cash desk. We have to admit frankly, that probably a playroom with this level of care for details has not yet been seen in Poland... Everywhere you see fabulous colors, it's cozy, very clean and warm. The floor instead of sad lining encountered everywhere is lined with a colorful shaggy carpet, and instead of corrugated metal roof, colorful umbrellas are hanging from the ceiling. The original construtions and the walls are hand painted, decorated with paintings of famous characters from fairy tales and cartoons. The use of nearly 1500 m2 area is well though through.

For the youngest children there's a ball pool with lots of colorful balls, a witch's house from "Hansel and Gretel", colored house with slide, comfortable pillows and even a horse carriage, used by Shrek and Fiona on their journey to the castle.

A haven for older children will be gigantic storey structure with a lot of leisure activities in the form of slides , transitions, footbridges, trampolines - generally speaking - an obstacle course, where no visitor wants to go back down.

The two toilets located here - one for boys and one for girls - are suitable for small children. Sinks are mounted at a height that even little ones will be able to easily wash themselves.

For adults there's a cafe offering snacks and hot and cold drinks. We hope that the owners will bet on quality and instead encountered junk food like chips, you'll find here healthy and tasty snacks such as fresh fruit , salads and desserts.

The playroom Euro Lider is also a place where you can throw a birthday party. The hotel has five themed rooms: Princess, Harry Leader, Monster Leader, Cars and Disco room. There are three packages available - in advance reservation necessary. The price depends on the selected package.

It is also worth noting that the staff is smiling and very helpful.

The Euro Lider playroom is in operation only since mid-October, so it is clean, smelling and well groomed. We hope that the standard it has now will last here forever and Euro Lider will actually be a true leader among other such places not only in Warsaw. As of now - we're recommending this place!

Euro Lider Playroom

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ul. Puławska 472, 02-801 Warszawa

Opening days and hours:

Monday to Friday 10:00-20:00, weekends 9:30-20:30

Tickets adults:
free admission
Tickets children:
from 10 PLN



+48 22 468 82 88


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Monday, 16 December 2013

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