Firefighting Museum Świecie

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Swiecie Fire Museum is operated by the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Swiecie, collects, develops and exhibits collections illustrating the history of the fire brigade and the city of Swiece.

The museum includes permanent exhibitions. The most interesting sights in the collection include: twin pumps of different types from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, alarm equipment including, among others: sirens, and other sound devices, hand embroidered banners fire signs from fire station in Swiecie; lighting, water fittings: fittings, hydrants, water dragons, nozzles, uniforms and fire helmets  (ceremonial and combat) showing both the nature of clothing outfits from the late nineteenth century, used in Fire Brigades in Prussia, and twentieth-century uniforms, personal firefighter equipment including combat webbing straps and hatchets, anti-smoke and -gas equipment -  including gas masks with canisters, backpack-contained breathing apparatus, specialized publications, diplomas, photographs, posters and fire badges.

Firefighting Museum Świecie

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ul. Mickiewicza 10, 86-100 Świecie

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