Folk Museum Sromów

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The Folk Museum in Sromów is located approx. 8 km from Łowicz.

It leaves a great impression both on adults and children. The collection is really impressive - in four large sized halls there are over 600 wooden figures, from which about 400 are moving figures.

The buildings are surrounded by a beautifully landscaped and well-kept garden, where you can view the stork eating frogs, and at the entrance to the museum - colorful life-size figures .

Impressive are as well the fantastic "spiders" hanging from the ceiling - created in various techniques, such as straw, of blown eggs eggs (Easter), yarn, paper or glass balls ( Christmas ) .

The pavilions are divided into scenes - such as a Nativity scene, the Corpus Christi procession, Łowicz' wedding or king Jan III Sobieski leading the hussars army.

On the second scene, called "Four Seasons" we can see, among others Polish sport legends: Adam Malysz and Justyna Kowalczyk. In yet another scene we see a bicycle race.

In addition to small figurines there is also a section where there are over 30 life-size figures dressed in original costumes from the Łowicz region.

Many of these figures are moving - there is a rack wagon with the family driving along from an indulgence, there are squealing pigs , as well as the interior of a Lowicz room where the housekeepers spin the reels, one makes butter in a churn and the other rocks the cradle with the child.

In one of the rooms on the wall you can see the most important events in Polish history, the "Contemporary Polish history in sculpture" - such as Katyn, interrogation by the communist secret police, "leaders of workship", collectivization and the Smolensk accident.

We can also see the old furniture, including dowry chests with beautiful motifs from Lowicz.

In the last two pavilions there are horse carriages, which have been used by wealthier peasants for going to the church and for weddings. We can also see the sleigh and peasant carts on wooden wheels.

Here you can also see machines that have worked on the field , and on the wall you can see 10 sets of horses' harnesses.

What deserves a lot of attention is the fact that it is a completely private collection. Its creator was Julian Brzozowski and the legacy after his has been taken over by his son - Wojciech.

Folk Museum Sromów

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Muzeum Ludowe Sromów 11, 99-414 Kocierzew

Opening days and hours:

The museum can be visited every day of the year. On Sundays and holidays from. 12:00 - 17:00. During the week: 9:00 - 17:00.

Tickets adults:
Tickets children:

Additional information:

To visit the museum you need to get a group of min. 5 people, which on weekends is not difficult, but a week, this might not be easy. However, it is worth the time to wait if you do not want to pay the difference.

Sure you can get along with the owner, who lives across the street.

Fee - unusual it's getting paid by the exit from the exhibition.


+48 46 838 44 72


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