Glass Heritage Centre Krosno

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Glass Heritage Centre in a fun and interactive way presents the production of glass.

When being in Krosno, it's definitely worth to go there, especially since the centre is located just off the Market Square. The main attraction of this place is a glass production show. Both children and adults watch it with great interest. If you'd like to try your own skills (albeit with a lot of help from specialists) you can try to "blow" a glass pitcher. Unfortunately, you can not take it home, but as consolation you can take a small souvenir made of glass.

During the tour of the center we look also into glass-painting and engraving workshop. We can watch the production of stained glass and glass figurines production with the burner method. The whole process of glass is presented in a very attractive way, so there is practically no chance for boredom.

In addition to the exhibition here are as well temporary exhibition halls, a glass souvenir shop and a cinema and a conference room.

Additionally to the main building, located on the Blich street no. 2, visitors can watch a so-called pre-doorstep basement, in front of the western frontage of the Krosno Market. Here the visitors can see a lot of interesting things - as the object is divided into several theme rooms:

- Glass room in physics, where experiments can be conducted by physical properties of glass. Used in it is the same idea, which is used for example in the Warsaw's Copernicus Science Centre, which is education through entertainment.
Here you can see and try: a giant lens, kaleidoscope and fiber optics installations.

- Hall of glass art allows a look at the technology of glass production. Here are: furnace model, glazing press, glass molds and production residues;

- Room of international brands produced in Krosno. Here you can see the products made by the famous Krosno glassworks for foreign customers or designed to produce glass, including Murano, Waterford Crystal, Zwiesel, Eva Solo;

- Borowski room, showing the works of the most famous Polish artist glass - Stanislaw Borowski and his two sons;

- Room of greatest glass artists, which brings together the exhibits made by the most famous artists from or related to Krosno. This room was completed by a kaiserpanorama containing information about each of the artists.

Glass Heritage Centre Krosno

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Centrum Dziedzictwa Szkła w Krośnie , ul. Blich 2, 38-400 Krosno

Opening days and hours:

Open everyday. Monday - Friday - from 09.00 to 16.30. Saturday - from 11.00 to 19.00. Sunday - from 12.00 to 16.30

Tickets adults:
tickets from 8 PLN to 18 PLN
Tickets children:
children under 6 - no charge, children under 14 - 15 PLN

family tickets (3 persons) - 45 PLN

Additional information:

Before setting out to the CDS, you should book tickets in advance - information and reservations number : +48 13 44 400 31

Information and reservations online:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


+48 13 436 35 68


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