Playground in Grom

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In the small village of Grom located halfway between Pasym and Szczytno there is an unusual playground. Why unusual? Just because no one passing the area would ever expect such an extensive playground in such a distant place, as even in many much larger towns playgrounds either simply do not exist, or are so tiny that they can hardly deserve their name.

The residents of Grom, however, are fortunate enough, as in the back yard of the area, behind a high fence, there is the headquarter of NOVUM - a company manufacturing playground equipment. The playground in Grom is merely a demonstration area, but is completely available to the public. If you are travelling with children in the area, this place is definitely worth a visit, not just to stretch your legs, but also because the kids could run wild for a while. They can use here complex obstacle cottages, slides, roundabouts and a dream of many children, especially boys, a fancy tree house.

There is also a large sized wooden gazebo here, with benches and a table, so it is worth to have a family picnic here.

We can only wish more places like this in each village.

Playground in Grom

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12-130 Pasym, Grom 36

Opening days and hours:

open all day

Tickets adults:
free admission
Tickets children:
free admission


Additional information:

- next to the playground there is a lot of free space where you can park your car


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Friday, 27 June 2014

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