Inverted house in Szymbark

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The Educational and Promotional Regional Center is located 38 km from Gdansk.

It is a place offering visitors a large number of interesting attractions and is open all year round.

The most interesting attractions include, among others: the Inverted House, which symbolizes times of the people's republic , when everything was in a way upside down in Poland. In this unusual house everything is different, visitors walk on the ceiling, the furniture can be seen  at the top, the stairs seem to be crooked. Another interesting attraction,  entered in the Guinness Book of Records - the longest hair in the world that measures as many as 36.85 m in length, there's is a Nobel Prize winner memorial table - made in honor of Lech Walesa on the occassion of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize. The memorial table weighs almost 6 tons and is not only an exhibit, but first and foremost a meeting place and a symbol of European integration. 230 people can sit here at one time! It is here where each year, on the 6 December a great meeting Santa Clauses arrived both from Poland and abroad takes place, and they make a promise to help children throughout the year.

The property also features a  Snuff Museum , "Stolëmòwi Klawér" - the biggest concert piano in the world ,  KashubianCottages, Pomeranian Griffin Bunker , Kashubian Trapper House from Canada, House of a Siberian Deportee, a Polish insurgent house from Adampol, a replica of the Manor from the village Salino, Carpentry Museum, Scout House, the Statue of Kashubian Świętowid.

Inverted house in Szymbark

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ul. Szymbarskich Zakładników 12, 83-315 Szymbark, Polska

Opening days and hours:

Open from April 1 to October 9 on the weekend 10:00-19:00, 9:00-19:00 other days, from 10 October to 31 March, 10:00-17:00 weekends, weekdays 9:00-17:00

Tickets adults:
15 PLN
Tickets children:
15 PLN


Additional information:

- Children up to 6 years free admission


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+48 512 043 759


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