Jordan Park Playground

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The playground in the Dr. Henryk Jordan's Park is located in a beautiful green area adjacent to Cracow's Błonia. There are actually two playgrounds here - one at ulica Reymonta, the other on the Błonia side. Recently renovated, both provide a place of relaxation for parents and a place to get real fun for children.

In addition to swings and roundabouts there is also a mass of equipment enabling the use of kids' imagination - they can climb, play, and even a dig with a mini excavator. Kids can hide in many houses, cross bridges or play knights or princesses in miniature castles. For reasons of safety, a large portion of the substrate is covered with a soft surface, but there is as well a large area covered just with sand (which it is for most kids an attraction in itself anyway).

This playground is considered to be one of the best playgrounds in Krakow.

Jordan Park Playground

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Władysława Reymonta 19, Kraków, Polska



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Monday, 29 July 2013

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