Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń

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Kamieniec Castle is a fortified stronghold from the fourteenth century situated on a limestone hill. It is as well the best preserved remains of a medieval castle in south-eastern Poland.

The fate of the castle were quite turbulent - for many years it had two owners, who were involved in a dispute. Currently it's in private hands, and the current owners are trying to restore it to its former glory, so when visiting this place you should conisder the ongoing renovations.

The building is divided into three parts: medium, high and low castle. There is a cafe and a small museum, and a collection of military items and memorabilia related to subsequent owners of the castle. Children can jog around the ruins, and for a moment turn into a knight or lady of noble birth (you can rent a costume of a knight or a princess), or see how it feels to be locked in the stocks...

Good to know:

You should know that the history of this very castle inspired Aleksander Fredro to write his "Revenge". Aleksander Fredro through marriage with Sophia Jabłonowska, became the owner of the castle. By browsing the archives of the property he found trial records from the first half of the seventeenth century. According to the information, Piotr Firlej and Jan Skotnicki  were involved in long-term dispute, which was put to an end only by a wedding in 1838 by Mikołaj Firlej with Zofia Skotnicka.
While in the area be sure to visit the Prządki Nature Reserve with interesting rock formations.

Kamieniec Castle in Odrzykoń

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Zamek Kamieniec w Odrzykoniu, ul. Podzamcze, 38-420 Korczyna

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3,50 PLN


+48 13 4325126


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