Karkonosze National Park

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The Karkonosze Range (Giant Mountains, German: Riesengebirge) stands out from other mountain ranges in Europe in terms of climate.

In comparison with the Alps or even the Carpathians the mountains are not high. Despite this, the harsh climatic conditions in peak areas are comparable to those which prevail in the far north. Therefore, they're sometimes called "the island of the Arctic-alpine tundra" in the center of Europe.

It is worth knowing that you can enter the park from several different places - mostly Karpacz and Jelenia Góra (see additional info).

While visiting the Karkonosze National Park, you can meet many unique natural attractions - including the world of glaciers, check out the hot magma chamber, and you will be able to experience the tropical heat, or feel like in the arctic tundra.

In the park there are many plants from different geographical regions, there are also specimens that cannot be seen outside Karkonosze in any other place in the world (endemic). Many species are rare or endangered plant species. In the park over 1,300 different species of plants grow.

In Karkonosze live as  also several thousand species of animals: invertebrates - at least 15,000 species, vertebrates - more than 320 species, among them: fish - 2 species, amphibians - 6 species, reptiles - 6 species of birds nesting and fleeting - about 200 species , mammals - almost 60 species.

The park has 112 km hiking trails and ski trails, including 17 km of slopes and hills. Some hiking trails are available for cyclists. There are two cable railways leading to the peak areas, while in the winter 10 ski lifts are in operation.

For children:

considerable attraction for children can be the cable car trip to Kopa or Szrenica, and of course getting on the highest peak in the entire Sudety - Śnieżka (1602 m). From its peak, you can enjoy a fantastic panorama and visibility in good weather is more than 200 km. By the way, you can visit the Observatoryup located on the top of the mountain.

While being in the Giant Mountains it's worth to visit Karpacz, Szklarska Poreba or Kowary. There is really a lot of attractions for children there.

For cyclists:

Cyclists can ride only on marked sections of routes, with bike trails routed on hiking trails - pedestrians have priority here. Routes designed for bikes:

  • the red trail to the Łomniczka shelter,
  • Ursula Way to the Concrete Bridge,
  • blue trail to the Karkonoski pass and the Odrodzenie shelter,
  • in the area pf Jagniątków - I Sudety Road - from Sopot creek to Brocz creek.

Good to know:

Those who would like to cross the Polish-Czech border can do so at the following locations:

  • in the area of Twarożnik rock (yellow trail)
  • the source of the Łaba (Elbe river) (yellow trail)
  • at the Television and Radio Broadcasting Center Śnieżne Kotły (yellow trail)
  • the Black Pass (blue route)
  • in the area of ​​Petrova Bouda (tracks: yellow, blue and red)
  • Pass the Karkonosze (tracks: green, blue and yellow)
  • Śnieżka plane - at the Spalona Strażnica (yellow trail)
  • Śnieżka plane - at Śląski Dom shelter (blue route)
  • at the top of Śnieżka (yellow trail)
  • near the Jelenka shelter (green and yellow routes)
  • on the Sowia pass (red route).

In the Giant Mountains National Park the Emess - Emergency system has been introduced, which aims to increase the safety of people traveling to the mountains, to the waters, and the for close and far journeys. It helps to search for missing persons.

Prior to travel, you need to send a text message, in the content of which we set the alarm time, or the time after which the information prepared by us will be automatically sent to the specified number. Then we type in a short message about our trip, for example, where we go, which route we intend to take, who is accompanying us, and when do we intend to return. In an emergency situation, when something bad happens and we will not be able to contact anyone, this information will allow the appropriate emergency services to take prompt and effective action.

Karkonosze National Park

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Siedziba dyrekcji: Karkonoski Park Narodowy ul. Chałubińskiego 23, 58- 570 Jelenia Góra

Opening days and hours:


Tickets adults:
Tickets children:
2,50 PLN

Additional information:

Admission fees to the Giant Mountains National Park are taken at the following points - entry gates to the park:

Point near the Orlinek hotel in Karpacz (the red trail to the shelter over the Łomniczka river) - at least during all the holidays, Saturdays and Sundays during the winter and in the summer season (from May 1 to September 30) every day, not later than 8:00 and until no earlier than 17:00,

Point at the lower station of the cable car to Kopa in Karpacz (the trail black) - every day of the year except November and the 10th August, starting at not later than 8:00 and until no earlier than 17:00,

Point at the Wang temple in Karpacz-every day of the year except November and on 10 August, starting at not later than 8:00 and until no earlier than 17:00,

Point at the foot of Chojnik (Sobieszów - Jelenia Góra) - every day of the year except November and on 10 August, according to the following time schedule:

- January, February, March and December - not later than 9:00 am and until no earlier than 16:00, April, May, September and October - not later than 9:00 am and until not earlier than 17 : 00, June, July and August - not an hour later than 9:00 am and until no earlier than 18:00.

During the winter season, some sections of hiking trails - because of avalanche warnings and ice - are closed and thus not available for hiking and skiing.


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