Karlstejn Castle

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Middle Bohemia

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Just 30 km south-west of Prague you will find one of the most famous Czech castles - the Karlstejn Castle. Built in the fourteenth century by order of King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV of Luxembourg as a place to store royal treasures, crown jewels and important documents.

Today, it's a place extremely busy with tourists from all over the world, especially during the holiday season.

Situated on a steep limestone cliffs, surrounded by green trees that contrast with the color of the walls. Below there is a small town with many restaurants and souvenir shops.

The castle consists of two courtyards surrounded by walls, living space and two towers interconnected by a wooden walkway. The most representative and most interesting part of the castle is the Great Tower with the Holy Cross Chapel. Inside you can see the 129 panel paintings depicting images of saints, popes, bishops and rulers made ​​by Master Theodoric and unusual gold painted ceiling of the sky and the moon with the sun and planets. This interior delights almost all tourists.

Due to the requirements of historic preservation only 12 people can stay together at once in the room, that's why it's advisable to buy tickets on-line.

Visitors have a choice of two sightseeing trails. The first one includes a visit to the throne room, the bedroom of Charles IV and the treasury. The second guides through the Great Tower, St. Mary's Tower and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Karlstejn Castle

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Karlštejn 172  267 18 Karlštejn, Ceska Republika

Opening days and hours:

open all year usually after from 9.00. Closing times depend on the day of the week and month.

Tickets adults:
from 170 Kč
Tickets children:
children from 6 years of age from 110 CZK


Additional information:

- Family ticket (parents+children): 540 CZK

- audio guides rental: 90 CZK

- Payment only in Czech crowns or by credit card

- Parking is located about 2 km from the castle


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