Konopiste Castle

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Country: Czech Republic Region:
Middle Bohemia


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  • 12-16

The Konopiště Castle is located just 50 miles southeast of Prague. Built in the thirteenth century in the Gothic style and rebuilt in the XVIII at the behest of the ruling von Vrtba family  in Baroque style, which is preserved to this day.

The most famous inhabitant of the castle was the successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Habsburg-Lorraine d'Este, by whose instructions the castle was rebuilt, making it during late XIX and early XX century, the most modern castle in Europe, equipped with an electrical system, an elevator, central heating and running water, which the other leading castles such as the Hofburg and Schönbrunn could only envy.

Visitors can enjoy a choice of three tour routes:

- The first is a tour of the south wing, including the exhibition of antique furniture, porcelain and paintings and trophies (over 800 pieces) and the living rooms of Wilhelm II and Admiral Alfred Tirpitz. Duration of the tour is about 50 minutes

- The second is a tour of the north wing includes the oldest part of the castle. During the tour we will see the beautiful Renaissance chapel with vaulted ceiling, a common room, office, bedroom, library and one of the most interesting armories in Central Europe, which contains, above all, weapons and armor from Germany and Italy from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. Visiting time is about 60 minutes.

- The third tour includes a visit to private chambers of Franz Ferdinand and his family. This tour takes about 70 minutes.

Konopiste Castle

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Konopiště 1  256 01 Benešov, Czechy

Tickets adults:
from 150 CZK depending on the chosen route
Tickets children:
from 100 CZK depending on the chosen route


Additional information:

- familiy tickets (2 parents + max. 3 children) from 380 CZK (price depending on the route)


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