Krasinski Garden Playground

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  • 3-7
  • 7-12

During the ongoing revitalization of the Krasinski Garden (Ogród Krasińskich) in Warsaw, a new, well-equipped playground has been opened. You can get here arriving from Długa Street, turning into Barokowa or directly from the Krasinski Palace.

You'll notice the surface selected here because of the small glued pebbles, however it seems to be safe and serves its purpose. The square itself has a lot of unique equipment to play (especially strange-looking walking equipment, consisting of circles-stands connected by cables, called by our tester Captain Jack Sparrow after drinking a bottle of rum walking simulator).

There are, of course, swings, including those with a backrest for the little ones, a few wooden slides in various forms and the ability to play in the sand, animal-shaped spring swings and even interactive musical instruments.

The advantage is the large amount of trees giving some shade, which is particularly important during very sunny days.

And it's all complemented by the environment, which, after the renovation of the Garden will invite to walk and rest.

In total: this children's playground may not be the biggest, but it's new and recommendable.

Krasinski Garden Playground

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Ogród Krasińskich, Warszawa

Tickets adults:
free of charge
Tickets children:
free of charge


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Monday, 26 August 2013

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