Kurozweki Palace

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Recommended for children from the following age groups:
  • 3-7
  • 7-12
  • 12-16

Kurozwęki offers plenty of activities for both adults and children.

Palace interiors are Kurozwęki are available to the public (you can watch them accompanied by a guide). In the basement of the palace there is a museum, where you can find reproductions of weapons of knights and artifacts found in the cellars of the castle ordering.

In addition you can find in Kurozwęki the following attractions:

  • American bison breeding (the only one in Poland).

The herd consists of more than 80 animals. Every year around spring in the palace you can see the new little bisons.

The bison herd can be seen in natural conditions, strolling through the park, going to the horse-drawn carriage ride or entering into the corral western wagon "safari-bison".

  • Mini-Zoo

Here, children can meet: llamas, donkeys, rabbits, Vietnamese pig family, Cameroonian sheep, Scottish buffalo, ostrich, wild Shetland pony, various birds and many other animals.

In the period from November to March the petting zoo is closed (part of the animals is transferred to the stables in Kotuszow).

  • Stud

Here you can ride a horse, pony or donkey, and during the show, you can learn the history of the stud, listen on breeding Arabian horses and adminire the pure blood "Arabs" .

  • Corn Maze

Every year in July near the palace there is a maze designed in a 2.5-meter corn. Every year, it has a completely different shape. By walking through the maze you can test your ability to orientate in the field, as well as your knowledge. But beware! The corn field is very easy to get lost in, especially since cell phones do not work in the maze!

Kurozweki Palace

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Zespół Pałacowy Kurozwęki, ul. Zamkowa 3, 28-200 Staszów, Polska

Opening days and hours:

open all year long

Tickets adults:
Sample rates: Entrance to the mini-zoo - 3 PLN. Guided tour of the Palace - 4 PLN. Bison Safari (wild west wagon ride among bisons) - 6 PLN.
Tickets children:
Sample rates: Entrance to the mini-zoo - 2 PLN. Guided tour of the Palace - 4 PLN. Bison Safari (wild west wagon ride among bisons) - 5 PLN.

Additional information:

The alace in Kurozwęki offers a plenty of attractions, so take a look at all of them on the website of the Palace.


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