Lipno - nature-landscape complex

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Niemodlin (Lipno)

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The Nature and landscape complexin Lipno is a dendrological park. There are many wonderful growing specimens of trees, exotic as well. The most interesting are: American sweetgum, Japanese azalea, Katsura, purple rhododendron, Oregon-grape. Here you can also see one of the oldest trees in Poland - the American tulip tree (nearly 200 - year-old specimen measuring 418 cm in circumference and 30 m high).

Throughout the park, there are plenty of ponds, around which beautiful nature blooms (often very rare or protected species). Fans of the beautiful flora and fauna can admire the arrowhead, water lily, water iris and many other great specimens. It's a great place to live for the black stork, white eagle, grebes, swans and wild ducks.

The park can be explored on foot or by selecting one of the bike paths.

The most interesting objects in Lipno is a park pool built in 1935 before the Olympic Games in Berlin, the Erratic - a monument of inanimate nature, a glaciation residue (circumference 851 cm), the Hermitage Chapel, also known as the Hermit Hut. Interesting as well is the Niemodlińska Gate, the Frederick's Source and the Hell Range.

Lipno - nature-landscape complex

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Lipno k./Niemodlina, 49-100 Niemodlin, woj. opolskie



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