Lublin Castle

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The origins of the castle in Lublin date back to the twelfth century, but the oldest preserved fragments derive roughly from the fourteenth century. Around this period the donjon (tower) was erected, which still stands in unaltered form on the castle courtyard.

For a time the castle could actually be called royal, due to the direct interest of the Polish monarchs. It enjoyed special protection of the Jagiellonian dynasty, and Sigismund the Old rebuilt it into a royal Renaissance residence. From the nineteenth century until the 50s of the twentieth century, the castle served as a prison.

The location of the castle on a hill makes it a perfectly visible landmark from different parts of the city.

Very interesting are the oldest part of the complex, the tower and the Chapel of the Holy Trinity, which was once the royal chapel. Is it worth it to see the unique eastern frescoes in its interior.

The rest of the building houses the Museum of Lublin, presenting archaeological artifacts, art (painting, decorative art), coin collections. The museum also offers museum's classes for schools.

The visit to the museum in the castle is paid, but the courtyard can be accessed free of charge.

Lublin Castle

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ul Zamkowa 9, 20-117 Lublin

Opening days and hours:

Tuesday - Sunday: 10:00-17:00, varies depending on season

Tickets adults:
Exhibitions at the castle (without the chapel): 10 PLN, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity: 8,50 PLN
Tickets children:
Exhibitions at the castle (without the chapel): 6.50 PLN, the Chapel of the Holy Trinity: 6.50 PLN

Additional information:

- At the foot of the castle hill there is a parking


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