Narrow Gauge Swietokrzyski Train

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Most children like to travel on the historic choo-choo, that's why the Swietokrzyska Commuter Rail, also known as Jędrzejowska, is great for such trips, as that the route of the railway runs through Pondzie, which is famous for its beautiful scenery.

From the former, more than 340-kilometer long network of the Jędrzejowska Commuter Rail, which reached up to Tarnobrzeg Szczucin, Miechów / Charsznica and Kocmyrzów, to this day only barely 104 km trail survived. The track is currently operated by ŚKD has less than 29.5 km.

It is an interesting fact that the railway line crosses the track of the broad gauge railway - LHS (near the village of Wygoda), and on the 14.6 km narrow gauge line running from the Jędrzejów Wąski, and as well in the non-operational section in Przededworze near Chmielnik. According to Wikipedia, it is one of the few intersections of broad-gauge railway with narrow gauge lines in Poland.

The tourist can see here: the historic steam locomotive Px48, the historic wagon 3AW, antique supply wagons, three huge Lxd2 narrow gauge locomotives, Lyd1, Lyd2, as well as open-air carriages and retro wagons and a buffet with a sound system.

Special Features:
In addition to the ride in carriages from many years ago, you can take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Pinczów, do guided sightseeing, in in the winter take part in a sleigh ride with a bonfire.

Narrow Gauge Swietokrzyski Train

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Dojazd 1, 28-300 Jędrzejów

Tickets adults:
Prices from 10 to 25 PLN
Tickets children:
Prices from 7 to 15 PLN

Additional information:

You can also buy a return ticket on the route:

- Jędrzejó W. - Pińczów - Jedrzejów W. - price: 30 PLN (reduced 20 PLN)

- Pińczów - Umianowice - Pińczów - price: 15 PLN (reduced 10 PLN)


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