New Zoo in Poznan

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Recommended for children from the following age groups:
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New Poznan Zoo is located in the eastern green wedge of Poznan occupying 117 hectares (making it the second largest facility comparing the area of ​​the of this kind in Poland - just after the Municipal Zoological Garden of the Coast in Gdansk).

In his well-shaped terrain there is a valley with a line of artificial ponds with a total area of ​​16 hectares (the largest of which has an area of ​​6 hectares, or more than the old Zoo). The hilly area's contans the historic prussian Fort III from 1881, which is part of the outer ring of fortifications of the Poznan Fortress.

On the extensive gardens area you can travel either by foot or with a tractor shaped trailer train called "Zwierzynka". In 2010, the line was replaced by three sets of typical tourist park train. Each train consists of two locomotives and wagons, and in one of them there are places (compartment) for the disabled and prams. After starting three new trains, "Zwierzynka" was retired. The garden itself can be reached by the park train "Maltanka" (narrow gauge track width 600 mm).

While walking, you can see:
1. Children's ZOO (including sheep, rabbits, budgies)
2. Woliery grouse (eg white pheasant, red-legged seriama)
3. Fauna Australian land (including emus, cassowaries, giant kangaroos)
4. Jelenie baweańskie,
5. Otters enclosure,
6. White rhinos enclosure,
7. Deer enclosure (including Milu deer)
8. Bison enclosure,
9. Birds of prey aviary (including the great condor, bald eagle, snowy owl, griffon vulture)
10. Insectarium pavillion(such as praying mantis, cockroaches Brazilian, African snails, stick insects)
11. Small mammals pavillion (such as chinchillas, European hamsters)
12. Predatory mammals enclosure (including snow leopards, pandas small wild cats, mako rude, genet)
13. Deer II enclosure (including the Canadian moose)
14. Deer, antelopes (including Aksis, nilgau)
15. Antelopes enclosure (including gazelles tomi)
16. Antelope II enclosure
17. Giant Ant-eaters
18. Asian ungulates (including Vietnamese sika)
19. Common seals,
20. Nocturnal animals pavillion (including two-fingered sloths, vampires, desert cats)
21. Lemurs enclosure (including the red ruffed lemur)
22. Eagles aviary (including the golden eagle, white-tailed giant)
23. Prairie and savanna enclosure (including the Rothschild giraffe, marabou stork, Gravy's zebra)
24. Water animals (including flamingo, pelican pink, crane)
25. Fauna of South America (including gray rhea, capybaras, vicuña)
26. Summer exposure of butterflies (dozens of species of tropical butterflies)
27. Japanese macaques enclosure.
28. Ungulates from North America enclosure (including forest buffalo)
29. European Ground Squirrels,
30. Przewalski horses and camels enclosure,
31. Siberian tigers enclosure,
32. Woliery domestic birds (eg honey buzzard, Short-eared Owl),
33. Elephant house.

New Zoo in Poznan

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ul. Zwierzyniecka 19, 60-814 Poznań

Opening days and hours:

Open daily. From November to February from. 9:00 - 16:00 (ticket office 9 - 15). March and October: from 9:00 - 17:00 (ticket office 9 - 16). From April to September from 9:00 - 19:00 (ticket office 9 - 18)

Tickets adults:
Free admission. Admission to the pavilion: "The world of reptiles, amphibians and fish" - 3 PLN.
Tickets children:
Free admission. Admission to the pavilion: "The world of reptiles, amphibians and fish" - 3 PLN.

Additional information:

Pony ride in the Zoo - 4 PLN


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