Orava Castle

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Oravský Podzámok


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The Orava Castle is considered to be one of the most beautiful castles in Slovakia, it overlooks the village of Oravský Podzámok. Perched on a rock, 112 meters above the river Orava. It is close to the Polish border (only about 45 km away from Korbielów, and 40 km from the Glinne Pass).

Who built the Orava Castle?

As the legend says it was a long, long time ago, when a man named Marek came to Orava to the place where now stands Orava Castle. He looked at the steep cliff and thought that, even if he needs help from the devil, he will build a castle. When only thought that, he's heard a voice next to him, which promised to help him fulfill his dreams. But help was not to be for free. We know - every devil wants to pledge his support to the soul of the person who receives the aid.

Marek was a little scared the devil, but he took courage, as he thought that maybe the devil won't be able to fulfil the agreement. The agreement amounted to the fact that after seven days and seven nights the castle was supposed to stand, and then the devil will be able to come for Marekąs soul after seventy years. The devil agreed to Marek's offer and began to work with verve.

He worked hard all day and night wandering boulders, but had to be careful not to make the building fell into the Orava river flowing just below. The Castle Rock was high and tilted in one direction, and boulders needed to brought to the building from far away. Marek oversaw the work of the devil and rising walls of the castle with growing fear. As the more solid structures grew, the more he had concerns about the fact that he will have to go to hell. It was then that he turned to God and began to ask him to save him.

The devil build further and has already enjoyed bringing another little soul into the hell in the future. But when the seventh night was over, the castle was almost ready, so that there was not much left to finish. The Deuce wanted to bring one big boulder, but when he approached the castle, carrying a boulder with the last ounce of strength, he heard a rooster crowing, announcing the morning of the eighth day.

In anger for wasted a chance for a soul he tossed the rock into the water, where it is today, and people called it Marek's Rock. And Marek was left to finish the castle on his own.

Orava Castle

Orava Castle


Oravský hrad, SK-02741 Oravský Podzámok, Slovakia

Opening days and hours:

from January to March in the open hours. 10:00 - 15:00, in the summer months 8:30 - 17:00 in the remaining months shorter

Tickets adults:
adults - 5-6 € (depending on the month)
Tickets children:
children over 6 years - 3-4 € (depending on the month), children under 6 years free entry


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