Otmuchow Castle

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Otmuchow Castle was built in the Middle Ages, and was rebuilt several times.

From the surviving interior remain till the present day: the knights hall and prison cells in the tower.

Very interesting is a large fireplace with a movable wall, behind which is a small chamber, used to eavesdrop on visitors. There are two death cells here: starvation (with preserved characters, signs, figures and letters gouged with nails by convicts) and trapdoor with a movable floor, which opened up for the convict. First of all, the building is known for its very rare stone steps called horse steps. On the other hand, on the courtyard of the castle you can admire the medieval well.

Today the castle houses a restaurant and hotel. Room prices from 110 PLN to 230 PLN.

Visiting the castle's interior is unfortunately not possible, yet, while visiting this area it is worth seeing this place at least from the outside.

You can park your car on the market, courtyard parking is for hotel guests only.

Otmuchow Castle

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