Research Station of the Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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The Research Station of the Institute of Parasitology, Polish Academy of Sciences, is located in the woods, at the Lake Kuc. It is an scientific station with a deer farm.

During the tour you can see herds of deer and fallow grazing. Other residents her are also: mouflons, Przewalski horses, goats and rabbits. Walking takes place with a guide who explains an an interesting way the life and customs of animals. A big attraction for children is the ability to stroke some tame animals.

At the station there is a small museum, featuring nature photographs, the slideshow "Masurian meetings" complemented by music and sounds of nature and a rich collection of deer antlers of European and Dybowski sika deer, mouflon horns and other animals from the deer species.

Research Station of the Institute of Parasitology of the Polish Academy of Sciences

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Stacja Badawcza Instytutu Parazytologii PAN w Kosewie Górnym, 11-700 Mrągowo

Opening days and hours:

Open from April to August, every day except Mondays, from 10:00-17:00

Tickets adults:
15 PLN
Tickets children:


Additional information:

- Children under 3 years free admission

- You can not take baby carriages here - you should purchase e.g a sling or baby carrier for carrying children

- It is possible to organize a fireplace in a shelter specially prepared for this purpose 


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