Pocahontas Indian Village

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Pocahontas Indian Village is located on the outskirts of Wroclaw. The main focus is ecology.

In the village you can:
- Gain Indians skills - such as archery, Indian football, lasso, snake hunting , Indian twirls , obstacles, etc.
- Take part in arts activities - face painting, painting of Indian bands, creating projects of Indian make-up
- To take part in musical activities - playing Indian drum , the przeszkadzajkach and Native American rattles, games and physical play, learning Indian songs.

Among the attractions you can take part in: off-road run "United Way" (Wielka Droga), a maze or tunnel. The names speak for themselves.

The tired can relax in the all-year Indian tipi tents, in which meetings are held at the bonfire, as well barbecues and integration activities. An added attraction is the opportunity to spend the night in tents that host up to 30 people.

At the Indian village it is possible to organize birthdays, during which much interesting activities happen: pipe of peace, drums, bow, buffalo hunting, wind race, Shoshone Balance Beam, a maze, tunnels, meeting with the Shaman, an Indian football match.

Pocahontas Indian Village

Copyright: Wioska Indianska Pocahontas


Wioska Indiańska Pocahontas, Zabrodzie 27, 52-351 Wrocław

Opening days and hours:

Open: Saturday and Sunday from 11.00 to 14.00. Reservation: +48 605 999 098, +48 607 989 818

Tickets adults:
no charge
Tickets children:
35 PLN, siblings - 10 PLN


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+48 605 999 098, +48 607 989 818


www.sunnycompany.com; www.indianie.printylandia.pl

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

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