Polish National Anthem Museum in Bedomin

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The Museum of the National Anthem in Będomin is one of the few centers in the world, which memorabilia associated with the Polish national anthem are collected. A similar place in Europe is the Museum of the Marseillaise in France.

In Bendomin's museum memorabilia of Joseph Wybicki - founder of the Polish national anthem are collected. There are not only documents relating to the history of the national anthem here, but also pieces of equipment of a manor house from the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Here you can see, among others, antique furniture, carpets, weapons (swords and guns from the nineteenth century) and paintings , and rugs with patriotic motives. There is also patriotic jewelry from the period of the national uprisings, songbooks and sheet music of Polish songs (including music and text of the anthem published in Paris in 1826, commemorative medals, telegrams and patriotic postcards).

Interesting are old gramophone recordings of Polish hymnic songs (such as "Rota", "Chorał", "Warszawianka", "Boże coś Polskę" and "Dabrowski's Mazurka" ) , and turntables of the early twentieth century (including a unique miniature turntable and two miniature records of the national anthem).

Temporary exhibitions and permanent exhibitions are being showed in the museum as well.

Good to know:

Recently, in front of the museum, there is quite large eagle (approximately 5 meters in height), whose wings are made up of more than 200 old... scythes.

Polish National Anthem Museum in Bedomin

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83-422 Nowy Barkoczyn, Gmina Nowa Karczma, Polska

Opening days and hours:

SUMMER: (01.05–30.09) open: Tuesday – Saturday: 9.00–17.00; Sunday: 10.00–17.00. WINTER (01.10–30.04) open Tuesday to Saturday: 9.00–16.00; Sunday: 10.00-16.00

Tickets adults:
7 PLN. Free of charge on Fridays.
Tickets children:
3 PLN. Free of charge on Fridays.

family ticket - 15 PLN


+48 58 687 71 83


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