Poznan Goats

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Anyone who visits Poznan with children should know that a visit to the Old Market Square at the Poznan goats is already obligatory. Throughout the day the goat figures are hidden behind a small door, but at 12:00 sharp they protrude outwards and gore twelve times with their horns. A simple idea, yet enjoyed by kids for many years.

While waiting for the white goats fighting, we can admire the beautifully decorated facade of the town hall.

Good to know:

- The flips on the market attract a lot of locals and tourists (especially on holidays), so it's best to arrive a bit earlier to take a "strategic location";

- The origins of the goats at the Poznan City Hall you can learn from the legend:

"When in 1551 the Poznań City Hall was expanded, the councilors commisioned the making of the clock town to the master Bartholomew. On the presentation day a crowd of townspeople gathered around City Hall, especially that the ceremony was to be honored by the presence of the province governor and his wife.

On this occasion a feast has been organized, where the main course was a venison haunch. Unfortunately, while baking, the leg slid off the spit in the fire. The desperate chef Nicholas sent his assistant Pietrek to the slaughterhouse for new meat to roast.

After a fruitless search, the boy reached the walls of the city, where on the Warta meadows he noticed two tiny white goats grazing. Without thinking for a long time , because time was short, he rushed the flips to the town hall. However, in the kitchen, as soon they've been freed from the halter, the clever goats escaped the cooks and ran up the stairs straight on the Town Hall tower, and from there they jumped on the ledge above the clock.

When the voivode came into the town hall, everyone spotted an unusual sight. At the clock tower two small white goats gored merrily. This whole story amused the voivode so much that he let the young cook with theft off, but he ordered master Bartholomew, to commemorate the event, to enrich the clock mechanism with goring goats.

And what happened to the real goats of Poznan City Hall? Luckily they haven't landed on the table of the governor and the town councilors. They've been pulled out of the tower and given back to the former owner - a poor widow. " (source: http://poznan.wikia.com/wiki/Pozna%C5%84skie_kozio%C5%82ki)

Poznan Goats

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Ratusz, Stary Rynek1, 61-772 Poznań

Opening days and hours:

everyday at 12:00 pm



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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

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