Racławice Panorama

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Raclawice Panorama is the first and only extant Polish painting of this kind.

With a specially designed perspective and the use of technical innovations, the large painting measuring 15 m x 114 m, "transfers" the viewer in a completely different reality and a different time.

Even the entrance to the tunnel of panorama, its dark and winding approach make this place attractive not only for adults but also for children who are in awe looking at blue sky and trees emerging from the dark. Only after a while you can tell that this is not reality, but a huge painting. Walking around the viewing platform, you can take a look at the many batallistic scenes transferred to canvas by the painter Jan Styka from Lwow and Wojciech Kossak.
The authors of the idea depended mainly on the commemoration of national traditions on the centenary of the Kościuszko Uprising and victorious battle fought on April 4th, 1794 at Racławice by the insurgent forces - with the participation of famous scythes - under the command of General Tadeusz Kosciuszko (1746-1817) - the Russian army was commanded by General Tormasov.
When visiting Panorama Racławicka it's worth to see the so-called Small Rotunda as well. Its entrance is located behind the ticket office, next to the entrance to the viewing platform. Inside the rotunda a relief map of the area is presented, repeating topographical layout of the area where the battle took place.

LEDs mark selected positions and movements of the troops which fought in the battle.

The cabinets on the outskirts of the rotunda host an exhibition called "The colors and weapons of the fighting troops at Raclawice April 4th, 1794." 107 figures showing Polish and Russian soldiers in uniforms from this historical period are being presented.

Racławice Panorama

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Panorama Racławicka, ul. Purkyniego 11 50-155 Wrocław

Opening days and hours:

02.11. - 14.04. from 9.00 - 16.00 from Tuesday to Sunday, 15.04. - 30.09.w 9.00 am - 17.00 daily; 01.10. - 31.10. from 9.00 - 17.00 from Tuesday to Sunday, 02.11. - 15.04. from 9.00 - 16.00 Tuesday to Sunday

Tickets adults:
25 PLN
Tickets children:
children under 7 - free of charge; children and teens - 18 PLN

Family Pass - 18 PLN for 1 person

Additional information:

The ticket for Racławice Panorama entitles also to visit the National Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.


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