St Anne Mountain Landscape Park

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Gora sw. Anny

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St. Anne Mountain Landscape Park covers the western part of th Silesian Upland or the so-called back of Chelm, and extends from the northwest to the southeast. The highest elevation is the whole Silesian Upland is the St Anne Mountain (Polish: Góra Św. Anny, German: Annaberg) (404 meters).

The park includes a number of nature reserves: the Geological Reserve "St. Anne Mountain" where the contact zone of the volcanic with sedimentary rocks is protected, reserve "Ligota Dolna" with xerothermic vegetation and four forest reserves where there is a variety of tree species including spruce, beech, larch, pine and alder.

In the park you can meet animal such as: deer, wild boars, foxes, badgers and over 50 species of birds. Thanks to the numerous educational paths you can enjoy the beauty of the Opole region.

There are five educational trails in the park:

  •     around the Mount St. Anna
  •     from Żyrowa to Mount St. Anna through the "Lesisko" reserve
  •     from Mount St. Anna to Zalesie Śląskie through the reserves "Grafik" and "Boże Oko" ("God's Eye")
  •     from Mount St. Anna to Ligota Dolna through Żyrowa
  •     geological reserve "Mount St. Anna"

The park can be explored on hiking trails:

  • Silesian Uprisings trail - marked blue. It starts in Bytom, runs through Opole and ends in Gliwice. It runs through: Dolna, Kadlubiec, Wysoka, Mount St. Anna and Leśnica (20 km)
  • Third Silesian Uprising trail - marked red. Leads through Kędzierzyn-Koźle to the Jasiona railway station. Runs through Czarnocin, Poreba and Mount St. Anna (23 km)
  • Route of Robert Oszka - marked yellow. Leads from Kędzierzyn-Koźle to Strzelce Opolskie. Runs through Kozielskie Laki, Lesnica, Poreba and Lichynia
  • The walking trail of Xawery Dunikowski - marked yellow. The trail leads around the St. Anna Mountain (4 km)
  • Flora and fauna trail - labeled green. Runs through the Mount St. Anna by: Wysoka, Dolna Ligota, Oleszka, Żyrowa and forth to the Mount St. Anna
  • Route of John Paul II - marked black. Leads from the Zdzieszowice railway station through the Mount St. Anna to Leśnica (10 km).

While walking on the trails you can see i.e. the Basilica of St. Anne in Gothic-Baroque style, the Lourdes Grotto, the Kidron chapel or Herodotus palace.

St Anne Mountain Landscape Park

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Góra św. Anny, ul. Leśnicka 10, 47-154 Góra św. Anny



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