Sw. Marcin Street Festival

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Every year on the 11th of November, on the name's day of St . Martin (Św. Marcin), since many years a huge outdoor event - the Sw. Marcin Street Festival is being organized in Poznań.

It's worth to go at least once and see how Poznanians celebrate this day. From the St. Martin's church a colorful procession sets off, headed by St. Martin, dressed as a Roman legionary on a white horse. He's followed by impostors, stilt walkers, musicians and great amazing machines. A colorful procession heads up to the walls of the imperial castle, and there, on the square in front of the castle the saint receives from the hands of the president of Poznan the key to the city gates. Now the fun begins.

On the set in the vicinity of the castle scene you can see numerous artistic performances or attend one of the events. During the fair is mandatory to try the specific St. Martins croissants on this day - and for adults - the St. Martin's wine.

At the end there usually is a magnificent fireworks show.

Sw. Marcin Street Festival

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Centrum kultury "Zamek" ul. Św. Marcin 80/82, 61-809 Poznań

Opening days and hours:

once a year, on November, 11th only


+48 61 64 65 276


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Monday, 16 December 2013

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