Venice of Szczecin

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A WATER TRAIL, about 2 km long, the for passing up to 2 hours, depending on the properties of the group and the weather.

The route starts from the Jaskółcza Island. It leads then on the Oder and throug Szczecin Venice.

The tour promotes the water values ​​of the city of Szczecin. It runs almost through the geographic center of the city. Here you can admire the city from a different perspective.

After the departure from Jaskółcza Island, we're heading to the Grodzka island passing the historic train station. From that moment we're experiencing the power of interesting historic buildings: church of John the Evangelist, Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Tower of Seven Coats and Chrobrego Shafts. We're passing the Long bridge, the Castle Route and head to the Grodzka island. We circle around it on the water enjoying the impressive views of the Chrobrego shafts and the shipyard and harbor waterfront. We go with the flow of the Oder, admiring the buildings of Szczecin. We return on the Oder against the current, in the direction of ODRA River Shipyard, where we can familiarize ourselves with a wooden, historic slip and you can admire the ruins of the gas plant. Then up to the other side of the river and back to the Jaskółcza Island and enjoy the Szczecin Venice in all its glory.

It is here that you can see that Szczecin is really located at the water :) The trip endpoint is the Jaskółcza Island.

Venice of Szczecin

Robert Filipski


ul. Kolumba, Szczecin, Polska

Tickets adults:
from 22 PLN depending on the route
Tickets children:
from 22 PLN depending on the route



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Monday, 11 February 2013

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