Szczubelek Park Playgrounds

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Right next to to the Czerniaków Fort at the intersection of Powsińska and Morszyńska streets there is a park named after Czeslaw Szczubełek, a famous participant of the Warsaw Uprising.

The park is medium sized, completely separated from the busy street by a high fence. Various trees and shrubs growing here provide shade, so so the place is liked by parents walking with children in prams. In the park there is indeed a private playground for the slightly older, but pretty run down. Children totally do not mind this, parents sometimes do. There are a few benches, a sandbox, a house with obstacles and slides and swings.

Unfortunately, you can find here also cluttering up trash and broken glass, so kids running around the yard should necessarily wear shoes.

Szczubelek Park Playgrounds

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Park Szczubełka, Powsińska, Warszawa

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free admission
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free admission


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