Teutonic Knights

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The earliest Teutonic castle on the Chelmno Lands, built in the shape of a horseshoe, presents the development of an earlier form of castles, before the establishment of a typical castle in the form of regular conventual arena. The construction began in the 50s of the thirteenth century and was completed in the second quarter of the fourteenth century. Probably from the beginning it was the headquarters of the commander. In 1454 the castle was taken by storm by the Torun people, and then almost completely destroyed. These events initiated the Thirteen Years' War. In the modern area the castle grounds were used as a stronghold and a garbage dump. Only in 1966 the ruins of the castle have been cleaned up, revealing preserved walls of the ground floor up to a height of about 1.5 m. Many architectural details (tracery, keystones) were found in the basement of the castle and are now in the collections of the Regional Museum in Toruń.

From the main castle building to the present day, the following elements have been preserved:  the lavatory tower and the porch leading to it, the moat, lower parts of the walls of the ground floor and basement of the octagonal tower. On the approach within the preserved buildings connected with the castle you can still see: a former hospital (partially demolished in the late nineteenth century) and the upper mill, as well as long stretches of the approach walls with several gates (including the Mill Gate and the Mint Gate).

Today the castle, preserved as a permanent ruin, serves tourist and educational purposes. Besides tours, street festivals, happenings, events are being organized (picnics, archery, fashion shows, etc.). At the Castle Moat the International Theatre Convention and the International Festival of Christian Music "Song of Songs" are being held.

Teutonic Knights

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