Tykocin Castle

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Tykocin Castle is situated on the banks of the river Narew. It is similar to a defensive structure dating back centuries. In fact, however, it is only reconstruction - the old castle was built on the foundations of a wooden fortress in 1433.

In the mid-sixteenth century the King Sigismund II Augustus of Poland, who was very fond of the Tykocin fortress, extended the castle with a horse arsenal, vault and library, thus creating a royal residence out from the castle.

The castle can be visited only with a guide so you can learn a lot about its history and owners over the centuries. By visiting the castle, beyond its interior, you will see the castle's courtyard, and an exhibition on the history of the Castle and Tykocin. The most interesting exhibits here are a beautiful antique tile stove and preserved original castle bricks.

An interesting attraction for children is the well of happiness, which is located in the main courtyard of the castle - when you drop a coin inside your wishes will definitely come true.

From the castle tower you can enjoy the view of the beautiful surroundings. While in that area, you can also visit Kiermusy.

Tykocin Castle

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Zamek w Tykocinie ul. Puchalskiego 3 16-080 Tykocin

Opening days and hours:

Tuesday - Sunday: from 11:00 to 17:00. Monday - closed.


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+48 85 718 73 72


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