Wielkopolska National Park

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Wielkopolska National Park is located about 15 kms south of Poznan.

In the park 18 protected areas with a total area of close 260 ha have been established. There are five marked hiking trails here (with a total length of 85 km), 11 lakes and 18 strictly protected areas.

If you are lucky you can see here live animals, such as deer, foxes, and badgers. There is also a large "collection" of insects - about 3 thousand and more than 220 species of breeding  and migrating birds. You can also see 200 - 300 years of majestic oaks and boulders.

There are numerous monuments in the area of the national park. The most valuable is a wooden church from the seventeenth century from Lodz. Other historic churches with slightly lower value ​can be found in Puszczykowo, Stęszew and Wiry. In Szreniawa and Trzebaw nineteenth-century mansions have been preserved. An interesting object are the ruins of the castle built on an island on Lake Góreckie. And in the middle of the forest, in Jeziory, there is a Museum of Natural History.

At the park there are over 100 km of bike paths and hiking trails.

Wielkopolska National Park

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Jeziory, 62-050 Mosina, Polska

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Monday - Friday - 1:00 - 15:00, Sunday and public holidays (from 1.03. to 31.10) - 10:00 - 17:00.

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Family ticket - 3 PLN / 1person


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