The world's oldest cinema

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Pokemon Go - a recently very popular game was the ultimate cause that we discovered the famous Pioner cinema in Szczecin. It wouldn't be anything unusual, however it is considered to bethe oldest active movie theater in the world.

It is not confirmed fully confirmed  if this place is in operation from 1907 or 1909, but still the cinema operators hold a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records for the longest uninterrupted functioning theatre. Inside, there are currently two halls, although the historical one is probably a bit more interesting.

A visit to this place might be an interesting spot during your stay in Szczecin and this for the whole family. One cares here about the repertoire, so you wan't watch here mainstream Hollywood productions, but rather ambitious, European, Asian and South American movies. But we find here pretty good family cinema, also for the younger ones. For the older ones - the magic of the place and the history of cinema is omnipresent here. The screen may not be the size of those found in big multiplexes, but the atmosphere is unique. The cinema, like in the good old days helps to go back to the sources of cinematography and remind ourselves that movies are not only about Dolby and 3D but mainly the plot and storytelling. And this is easier to realize in such a place like the Pionier cinema in Szczecin. The historical significance is reinforced as well by the fact that it was founded as the "Weltkinotheater" in the German Stettin and still remains in the Polish Szczecin and it's been already here for over a hundred years.

The world's oldest cinema

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