Angry Birds Land - Sarkanniemi Adventure Park

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Western Finland

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Recommended for children from the following age groups:
  • 0-3
  • 3-7
  • 7-12
  • 12-16

Sarkanniemi Adventure Park is an entertainment complex with lots of exciting activities for the whole family.

Among the attractions will find among other things:

- Dolphinarium, which is home to five bottlenose dolphins

- Aquarium - in which there are more than 200 species of fish and aquatic creatures that inhabit the sea and lakes, on each tank there's an identification plate bearing the description of each species. The aquarium occupies two floors, on the lower floor there is a paludarium,  which is inhabited by tropical fish

- An amusement park with over 30 rides, for both older and for younger

- a Planetarium

- Zoo for children, which residents are ponies, alpacas, calves, rabbits, puppies

- Näsinneula - the highest observation tower in the Nordic countries, from the top of which we will see the beautiful panorama of the city center, with good weather, the visibility is up to 20 km

- Museum of Art

- The world's first officially licensed Angry Birds park with numerous rides in the famous red birds, tracks, obstacles, slides, houses.

In the park there are numerous shops and dining options.

Angry Birds Land - Sarkanniemi Adventure Park

Copyright: Sarkanniemi Adventure Park


Laiturikatu 3  33230 Tampere, Finland

Tickets adults:
from 8 €
Tickets children:
from 8 €

23 € which includes admission to all attractions

Additional information:

- Children under 4 years free admission,

- Each attraction has a different ticket


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