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Ruda Śląska

sports attraction

aquapark / pool

Recommended for children from the following age groups:
  • 0-3
  • 3-7
  • 7-12
  • 12-16

If you are looking for a good water park in Silesia you necessarily should visit Aquadrom in Ruda Śląska. Relatively new swimming pool complex leaves the competition far behind. It's the perfect place to spend active time and maintaining fitness.

The water park consists of zones: sports, recreational, external and saunarium. At the recreation part "Wet Bubble" stands out - a kind of mixture of water slide and trampolines, which you can climb, descend, bounce...
Also here is "The Great Storm" - a swimming pool, where at regular intervals waves are being generated - up to 70 cm in height.
You can not miss the slides here - thre is the "Upper Base" (red) , "Ore slippery" with a length of 137 meters and the spectacular "Little whirlpool", ending a giant funnel. We recommend it to the brave without problems with the sense of balance .
We can also find a lazy river called "Chebzie Pętla" (incidentally, all the local names refer in a more or less obvious way to the surrounding area) - the river can be really wild , so be careful with smaller children, it is safer to stick to the left.

In the outdoor pool you will find an interesting structure - a kind of open can made of steel, where with a little perseverance and techniques you can generate quite a lot of waves. Check that and you will be surprised...

There is also a saunarium, but the entrance to it is for people over the age of eighteen, so out of necessity we do not recommend it for families with children.

BTW - currently on Tuesdays discounts on entrance tickets are provided for the inhabitants of Ruda Śląska and for... redheads. An at least interesting initiative :)


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ul. Kłodnicka 95A, 41-706 Ruda Śląska

Opening days and hours:

6.00-22.00 (sports pool), 9.00-22.00 (recreation area)

Tickets adults:
10 PLN (9.00-16.00), 13 PLN (16.00-22.00) - price per first hour, on weekends from 19 PLN
Tickets children:
8 PLN (9.00-16.00), 9 PLN (16.00-22.00) - price per first hour, , on weekends from 13 PLN

various types of family and group tickets

Additional information:

Following discount cards are accepted here: OK System, Benefit Systems, FIT Profit oraz IKEA Family


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+48 32 797 36 00


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Friday, 27 June 2014

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