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February 6, 2013, at Ursynów the first Polish restaurant with an interesting name, "Co to to je" ("What is it"), has been opened, serving even more interesting dishes with insects!

Among the starters you will find among other things skewers with silkworms, superworms and locusts, locusts in tempura with the addition of red curry with buckwheat flour and insects, soups, mostly cream soups with hundreds and thousands, i.e. white vegetables cream soup with mealworms larvae. As a main course - duck sauce with grits with crickets and raspberries, beef fillet with crispy insects fed on rice pasta, and for dessert... mango cheesecake with superwoms and mildew larvae, sorbet in coconut cupcakes with toasted flour weevil larvae, banana fritters with crickets, ginger caramels with fleur de sel and silkworm larvae and insects in cocoa-criollo chocolate.

It is an ideal place for lovers of exotics and Asian flair.

Co to to je

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ul. Nugat 7, 02-776 Warszawa

Opening days and hours:

open daily from 12:00-23:00


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+ 48 882 188 307


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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

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