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Roman Forum, literally meaning "the Roman market," is also known under the name of Forum Magnum .

The square is located between the Palatine Hill, the Capitol and the Quirinal, and is one of the must see attractions in Rome.

It is a place where important events took place in ancient Rome. The Forum was the center of both civil and economic life. The square was also the place where various important buildings were erected, including the temple of Saturn, Dioscurean temple, the Concord temple, Temple of Caesar, Basilica of Aemilius, the temple of Romulus and the first of the triumphal arches - Fabias Arc, built in 121 BC, which unfortunately has not survived to our day. The last building raised on the Roman Forum was the column of Phokas.

Today they are only remnants of these great buildings, but they're still a reminder of the power of the ancient Rome.

Forum Romanum

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00186 Roma, Italia

Opening days and hours:

open daily from 8:30 until sunset

Tickets adults:
combined ticket for the Colosseum + Palatine + Forum Romanum: 12 €
Tickets children:
combined ticket for the Colosseum + Palatine + Forum Romanum - visitors from 18 to 24 yrs: 12 €

combined tickets available

Additional information:

- European Union citizens to 18 years of age enter free of charge, so try to take your passport to verify the country of origin

- Combined tickets are valid for 2 days and you do not need to visit all three attractions on the same day

- To avoid standing in usually long queues it's worth it to buy tickets on line charge about 1.5 € and with the printout you need to use a separarate entrance, where there is no queue at all or it's substiantially smaller


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